Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support On PC Is Now Available

We already knew that Final Fantasy on PC will be a much better experience than on consoles. The Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support on Steam is finally available, giving you the opportunity to yield crazy weapons from other franchises, change your model into fluffy Moogles or carry a whole human on your back. Weird, right?

The Final Fantasy 15 Steam Workshop is already filled with cool retextures that let you change your appearance and weapons into all crazy sort of stuff. Even if you have never tried the Workshop before, there’s an in-depth guide on how to add mods into the game and there’s even a dedicated software for you to make your own textures and turn them into mods.

All those things are available to try out through the Final Fantasy 15 Mod Organizer, which help you make your own mods, allows you to convert your assets into data and incorporate them into the game world. This is not a 3D model creator in any way, but lets you build the model data you need to turn all sort of assets into mods.

What can you do using the Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support via Steam though? You can basically turn your character into several different models, use geeky weapons from other video game, anime and movie franchises or change textures to your liking.

The “Most Popular” items to use according to Steam Workshop are:

  • Moogle Costume
  • Monado Xenoblade Chronicles Weapons
  • Keyblade D Weapon
  • Kirito Dual Swords
  • Cursed Thomas the Tank Engine (this one is replacing Ignis, pure evil)
  • Clouds Buster Sword

Are you using any of the aforementioned items through the Final Fantasy 15 Mod Support? What else would you like to see included in the future?