Vampyr Take Me to the Hospital Walkthrough Guide – Deciding Clay’s Fate, Locating Clues

Our Vampyr Take Me to the Hospital Walkthrough Guide, will guide you on how you can clear the second main quest of the first chapter ‘Quarantine’ of the game.

We have detailed everything that you will need to know about clearing the first chapter of the game. We will also share some tips and tricks about how you can easily clear the chapter.

Vampyr is a new title developed by the studio behind Life is Strange. It is a solid title by the developers and the approach that they have taken to develop the game is very unique.

You take control of Jonathan Reid who is a doctor freshly out of service from World War I and also happens to be a fresh vampire. Taking the role of a doctor and a vampire at the same time creates a very unique RPG experience.

Vampyr Take Me to the Hospital Walkthrough

The first chapter of the game Vampyr consists of two main quests and the second main quest of this chapter is Take Me to the Hospital.

This guide will be focusing on a detailed walkthrough about clearing the Take Me to the Hospital main quest.

Decide Clay’s Fate

In this chapter, you will decide the fate of Clay Cox. As the chapter starts, you must hurry and get to the people fighting down the pier. When you arrive at the location, you will notice Clay Cox killing a civilian.

Here you will be introduced to yet another game mechanic called mesmerize. Throughout the game, you will have to make a decision whether to feed on a particular NPC or leave them. Here, you will come with your first such option.

Embracing is feeding on the NPC while releasing is letting them go. Although you can always go for these NPCs later in the game. IN this case, you will need to decide Clay’s fate.

Since Clay will have some hints for you and an investigation later in the game, we recommend that you let him go at this point of the game.

If you still decide to feed on him, you will be required to mesmerize him first. One he is hypnotized, follow the blood trail to a deserted location and feed on him in piece.

Once it is done, you will get a large amount of experience points and your blood level will be filled.

Now once his fate is decided, you must head back upstairs and get inside the hospital. Head to your room on the second floor. Before going there, check the first floor and you will find a surgical hacksaw in one of the rooms.

Interact with people, meet Dorothy Crane and collect different clues.

Once you are done with the exploration, head to the second floor and get inside your room. Interact with the table to craft items that you can. Unlock new skills and upgrade weapons if possible.

Once you are happy with everything, go to your bed and sleep to conclude the chapter.

This concludes our Vampyr Take Me to the Hospital Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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