Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough Guide – Finding The Key, Exiting The Building

Night Shift is the first mission of the second chapter in Vampyr. You are tasked with all sorts of things and you will need to find Dorothy Crane at the hospital.

In case you are getting stuck anywhere along the way, you can use this Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough Guide.

Our Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough Guide will guide you through the entire quest right at the beginning of the second chapter so that you can move forward to the next one and get closer to the 3rd chapter.

Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough

First of all, move out of your office and talk to Dorothy. She will give you a key to the morgue. Head over to the building found right beside the morgue and take the Ferrous Tartrate from the cabinet in the Old Morgue.

After that, defeat the Skals in the upper floors and then take the quinine.

You will also have received the key to the morgue cellar. Head down to the basement and make sure you get the amputation knife so that you can steal some blood when you hit someone.

Get the notes from the basement and head on over to the main hall. There is a level 7 boss known as John Doe that you need to beat. You can beat it if you are good at dodging without much trouble.

Try to do many attacks before jumping back to recover some of your strength. Repeat this trick to eventually defeat the boss.

Once the boss has been defeated, collect the blood and get a recipe that will allow you to access new medicines once decrypted. Lastly, lift the Sodium hypochlorite and exit the building.

Remember to watch out for the enemies that have just spawned in. Take the ingredients to Dorothy Crane at the hospital to end the mission.

That is all we have for our Vampyr Night Shift Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comment section below!

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