Vampyr Give a Dog a Bad Name Walkthrough Guide – Meeting Harriet Jones, Deciding Sean Hampton Fate

From the last chapter, you will already be at the docks. In this chapter, you will be exploring the sewer system of the docks and will have to face a lot of different difficult enemies.

For that reason, you will need Vampyr Give a Dog a Bad Name Walkthrough Guide.

Our Vampyr Give a Dog a Bad Name Walkthrough Guide will tell you how to get through the 4th mission of the Chapter 3 of Vampyr in a step-by-step process so that everything is simplified.

Vampyr Give a Dog a Bad Name Walkthrough

Head towards the marker and use the metal gate to enter the sewers. Use that gate to enter the docks and get to the valves that wait ahead. Turn them to stop the water from flowing.

This will cause the water level to fall and you will be able to move lower. Use the passage to move ahead and face Fregal, who is the next boss of the game.

Fregal is a massive vampire and he is very difficult to beat. He has a shockwave attack and he can create emanations. He also has a long range and is able to jump and slam the ground.

First of all, you need to deal smaller attacks in lieu of longer ones as they might do more damage but they leave you vulnerable to damage for a much longer amount of time.

It is also good if you have a better gun as it can be used to deal damage from afar. The specters are also very powerful and you need to watch out for them rather than ignore them. Defeat the boss and move forward to Skal village.

Old Bridget will tell you where to go and you will meet Harriet Jones over there. Talk to her about Sean Hampton and escaping the hospital.

After that, head to the surface using the arrows that are painted on the walls. Head towards Sean Hampton and decide what to do with him. You can either charm him or kill him by consuming his blood. Lastly, you can let him go.

All of these will have consequences. After that, exit the shelter and get to the body to end the mission.

That is all we have for our Vampyr Give a Dog a Bad Name Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!