Fallout 76 E3 Poster Takes Up Three Buildings, Hints At Multiplayer

The Fallout 76 E3 poster has been revealed, and not only does it take up the side of three buildings, it also might just hint at multiplayer that could be coming in the game. With E3 only a week away, there’s bound to be a lot of details at the Bethesda conference this year.

The Fallout 76 E3 poster is a simple one, mainly just showing off three different Vault Boys all on what is essentially the same poster, but that simple poster seems to have a lot of implications, especially since one of the Vault Boys is in a different pose than the other two, and they all appear to be walking out of the same Vault.

While there hasn’t been any confirmed details of Fallout 76 ever since it was announced several weeks ago, there has been a lot of speculation due to several so-called “leaks” that have hinted at various things, such as the game being a multiplayer survival mode rather than a single-player role playing game like previous Fallout games have been.

However, other sources have said that it’s not a multiplayer survival game, but instead just an RPG that has co-op with a few players, which could still be fun if you can play the game with your friends. But we’ll have to wait for more information at E3 before we can form any concrete opinions, and hopefully it will be the focus of Bethesda’s E3 conference over last year’s Bethesdaland, which had very few actual “new” announcements, instead focusing more on things like Elder Scrolls Online’s Morrowind expansion, Doom VR, modding, Elder Scrolls Legends for iOS.

While Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and The Evil Within 2 were announced at that conference, they were the only real announcements, hopefully this year’s Bethesda conference will give us more than a Fallout 76 E3 poster and more stuff about VR (and hopefully no more Skyrim).