Does Playstation UK Know That Shadows Die Twice Is Bloodborne 2?

A recent, cryptic, and now-deleted tweet on the Playstation UK Twitter page has apparently said that Kotaku editors have gotten their hands on Shadows Die Twice, or, as they put it, Bloodborne 2. There’s been a lot of speculation over Shadows Die Twice, but we’ll have to wait until E3 to see.

Shadows Die Twice has cloaked in a shroud of secrecy ever since it was first announced in the last E3. While From Software has ended the Dark Souls series with the release of Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne stands poised to take the reins, especially considering its huge sales and great critical acclaim.

The teaser trailer for Shadows Die Twice was a rather ominous one, mainly consisting of what looked like some sort of bloody chain being twisted by a crank. Considering the huge amounts of mutation, bloodshed, and cosmic horror that was a part of the original Bloodborne, those few images might be the reason many people have thought that it’s Bloodborne 2.

Much like the two Dark Souls games that came after the first one, any sequel to Bloodborne is probably going to have a lot of new mechanics, weapons, and spells in addition to what might be a new setting, but that all depends on whether or not it’s an actual Bloodborne 2, rather than an entirely new property. While the imagery is very Bloodborne-like, there’s no actual indication that it will be based on Bloodborne.

Of course, this is all coming before E3. Players will likely be watching for Shadows Die Twice all through the Playstation conference when it arrives, and it’s then, and likely not before, that we’ll know for sure whether it’s just a codename for Bloodborne 2 or if it’s actually a new game.

The Playstation conference will be taking place on June 11, so we still have around a week to wait.