A New XCOM 2 Expansion May Be On Its Way, Rumor Suggests

There has been a lot of silence for quite some time now form Firaxis Games and fans have been wondering, to hear something about a new expansion perhaps. Although still, Firaxis Games has remained lip-locked, there seems to have emerged a rumor which, has had most of the fans pretty much excited, that perhaps a New XCOM 2 Expansion is in the works and will be joining the game very soon.

Apparently, some of the fans of XCOM 2 have spotted something, which seems to be somewhat of an evidence of a New XCOM 2 Expansion in the works.

The first user who spotted the DLC entry in the Steam Database goes by the name, “mazisky” and the DLC that he spotted, goes by the name “TLE”.

Since none of us have any idea what TLE means, for all we know it could be initials of the titles. This has not stopped fans to go on suggesting different names over the internet. Some of the suggested names include, “Tough Luck, Ex-com”, “The Lederhosen Event”, and “Tried. Lost. Every time.”

Since this news of a New XCOM 2 Expansion in the works originates from a rumor, we recommend you to take this and the names which the community has been speculating, with the grain of salt.

The last XCOM 2 expansion we received was War of the Chosen that rolled out in August 2017, so it does seem plausible that Firaxis could be preparing a new expansion in 2018.

What is interesting is the fact that, XCOM 2 War of the Chosen expansion was announced at E3 2017, and since E3 2018 is just a few days apart, it would only be logical to see this new expansion at this year’s conference. With all that said, take this rumors very lightly, at least until E3 2018.

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