We Answer Internet’s Most Searched Questions About Gamers

Internet, it is a fun place to be, right? The entire world is at your fingertips and you can find pretty much everything you are looking for. It is a place for everyone and since gamers operate in large chunks around the internet, there are plenty of questions about us.

So if you are here, you probably wish to know about this creature called “gamer.” Contrary to popular belief, we are not lazy, no we don’t live in our mom’s basement, and most of us aren’t fat people with no jobs.

The following article will try its best to answer the internet’s most searched questions about gamers.

Internet’s Most Searched Questions About Gamers

Q1: Why Are Gamers So Angry?

Well, in general, we are not angry but playing competitive video games does bring out some level of frustration. And often, during online sessions players lash out. But very rarely you’ll see that anger transition into the real world. So when you see a viral video of a gamer having a breakdown while playing, know that those type of people are in the minority.

Q2: Why Are Gamers So Toxic?

Yes, toxicity is an issue in certain gaming communities such Counter-Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2, and more. However, one can not generalize gamers based on the actions of a few and majority doesn’t participate in toxic behavior. But yes, it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Q3: Why Are Gamers So Mean?

I find gamers to be more sarcastic and trolly than mean; which can come off as mean to people who are a little sensitive.

Q4: Do Gamers Get Paid?

No, we don’t. Unless a gamer is also a popular streamer on YouTube or Twitch.

Q5: Do Gamers Wear Diapers?

There have been reported cases of addicted gamers wearing diapers to avoid pausing an online game. 99% of us are sane enough to go to the bathroom and take regularĀ breaks.

Q6: Are Gamers Lazy?

Some, yes, all? No! Most gamers I know work 60 hours a week.

Q7: Do Gamers Have a Higher IQ?

Well, a recent study has shown that being good at video games is linked to higher IQ. Meaning yes, someone who is a good gamer can be considered smart and someone with a higher IQ.

Q8: Do Gamers Make Better Drivers?

I would like to think so but no, being a good gamer is no measure of good driving skills. But video games can enhance your reflexes, a trait required for good driving.

Well, these were the top searched questions from Google about gamers. If you have any other questions, post them down below.