New Total War Three Kingdoms Trailer Releases, Focusing On Cao Cao

Creative Assembly has decided to preface any E3 content they’ll be showing with a new Total War Three Kingdoms trailer, which shows us the motivations of the Chinese warlord Cao Cao, a well-known historical figure of the Three Kingdoms Period in China, as he schemes and plots against his enemies.

Like many of the other characters in the Three Kingdoms period, Cao Cao will be attempting to gain supremacy over all of China, which has been torn apart by civil conflict and a lack of central authority. Ruling the state of Wei, he’ll be fighting the states of Wu and Shu, other pretenders to the Imperial throne of China.

Along with showing us Cao Cao as he attempts to conquer the land, the new Total War Three Kingdoms trailer also gives us a bit of information about the game, in conjunction with some new information on the official Total War website.

To start, the game, which was originally supposed to come out in the fall of this year, has been delayed, being moved back to spring of 2019 so that Creative Assembly could polish the game even more. While we still don’t know a release date, hopefully the delay will indeed allow Creative Assembly to polish the game more.

Secondly, Total War Three Kingdoms will have two different modes. These modes are named the Romanticized and Historical modes, and will follow the Three Kingdoms Period in two different ways. Romanticized will be following the period in the way of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a classic Chinese novel that follows the conflict. Much like in Total War Warhammer players will be given lords and heroes that are far above that of a normal soldier.

Otherwise, the Historical setting will play everything like a normal Total War game, with everything as realistic as the game can make it.

You can see the Total War Three Kingdoms trailer further up this article, and hopefully we’ll get more about the game at the PC section of E3 next week.