What About God Of War Sequel? It Will Be Way Bigger And Much Better

There is no doubt that God Of War has set a benchmark for all the other big titles. With the amount of success, it has endured there is only one path for Santa Monica Studio to take and that is to prepare the God Of War Sequel. The environmental artist of the game, Nate Stephens speaking at the Game Access conference briefly talked about the next sequel of God Of War and what they aim for in that.

Success and God Of War have an old relation, the accomplishments this title has endured is unknown to other titles. Its near perfection, blend of quality and quantity is one of the many aspects, which have elevated the level of this game. God Of War has always provided an exceptional amount of things, for players to do in the game.

Now while you keep that in context, Nate Stephens, speaking about the development team’s aims and aspiration for the next God Of War Sequel said,”We still want to be God of War” implying that the company has all the reasons to go for the next sequel of the game.

Then shedding some light on the sequel he compared the fighting sequence of “The Stranger” from the recently released God Of War and said,

“It ends with you two destroying the entire environment around you. It was really hard to create, I myself was working on the lighting for this level, and it was super hard to get it to work.”

Then Nate added that since such level has already been reached, that the developers will have to surpass the already existing level in the God Of War Sequel. He said,

“So if we have a meeting with Thor or Odin, naturally, it must be bigger than this, better than this. This game was very good, but we think we can make it even better. And of course, it must be a little bit bigger. If we do another game – no one actually said that we are doing it – it will be bigger, better, longer.”

With all that said, what are your remarks about what Nate Stephens has to say about the God Of War Sequel? Let us know in the comments below.