Shotguns Just Got Nerfed In Fortnite, Full Patch Notes For 4.3 Update Released

Latest Fortnite update 4.3 is now live and brings various changes to the game. There are some big changes to weapons in Fortnite.

Shotguns have been nerfed, Traps have been buffed and vault date has been revealed for the jetpack. This update also introduces a new item to Fortnite called the Bouncer along with adjustments to the loot and more.

Some of the main changes in this update are as follows.


“For a while we felt that Shotguns promoted healthy close quarter gameplay,” Epic writes in the patch notes, “however with the recent equip time changes, Shotguns are being used more often than we like. It’s something we’ve been keeping an eye on, but broadly speaking we feel Shotguns are a little too strong in their current state.”

Shotguns will now do significantly less damage than before. Here’s what Epic is changing:

    • Pump Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0
      • Damage reduced from 90/95 to 80/85
    • Tactical Shotgun
      • Headshot multiplier reduced from 2.5 to 2.0

“Shotgun consistency across the board is also something we’re looking into and aim to improve,” Epic notes. “We want to make it more apparent when you hit or miss a shot. In addition to that, making sure the accuracy is more consistent and improving other odd behaviors with the weapon is a top priority. We’ve identified a number of issues that we’re currently working on solving in the near future.”

We made a large change to traps a few weeks ago to test decreasing damage from 125 to 75. This was done in an effort to better understand the impact traps have throughout a match. The change sparked a great deal of excellent discussion about traps and we are going to lean more into improving their effectiveness. We want this to add more ways for you to be potent in combat. Here’s the change:

  • Trap Damage increased from 75 to 150


The Jetpack was introduced as a Limited Time Item. You can learn more on the goals of Limited Time Items as a concept in this post.

We will be vaulting the Jetpack at 8am on Monday, June 11. Get in your last matches before then! We may bring back the Jetpack at a future date with some improvements and new changes.

Bouncer Trap

  • Rare trap.
  • Drops in stacks of 3 in Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas or floor loot.
  • Can be placed on floors and walls.
  • Provides a jump boost upward or in a direction.

Building Adjustments
We are making the following changes to address a few top concerns, including: Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher dominance in the late game, Minigun effectiveness, and overall resource availability. We will be closely monitoring these changes when they are live to assess the impact and re-adjust as necessary.

  • Supply Llama
    • Decreased material stacks from 500 to 200 per resource.
    • Explosive Ammo removed.
  • Damage fall-off vs. structures removed for Rifles, SMGs, Pistols, and LMGs.
  • Floor loot materials adjusted
    • Material drop chances in floor loot reduced by 33%.
    • Material stack sizes in floor loot reduced by 33%.
  • Ammo availability adjusted
    • Light Ammo stack sizes increased from 12 to 18.
    • Explosive Ammo availability decreased 50%.
  • Minigun adjusted
    • Accuracy increased by 10%.
    • Light Ammo spawn increased from 60 to 90.
    • Damage against structures increased from 25 to 30.
  • C4 structure explosion radius increased from 400 to 600.
  • Teams of 20 Storm Damage per tick adjusted.
    • Storm circle 1 damage per tick decreased from 10 to 1.
    • Storm circle 2 damage per tick decreased from 10 to 2.
    • Storm circle 3 damage per tick decreased from 10 to 4.
    • Storm circle 4 damage per tick decreased from 10 to 8.

Epic clearly wants us to get more kills with traps and this nerf to shotguns will not make them completely useless. You Don’t worry about jetpack because it will surely return sometime in the future.

What do you think about thee changes? Were shotguns overpowered? Let us know in the comments below.