Detroit: Become Human Photo Mode Is Complicated But It Will Arrive Eventually

Detroit: Become Human is out now and can be played by anyone around the world. It might seem too early but fans of the game are already requesting new features in the game and it appears that the Photo Mode is the most requested to see.

Photo Mode is a feature which is usually implemented in the games later. Someone went on to ask about the photo mode from the co-CEO of Quantic Dream on Twitter.

Guillaume de Fondaumière who’s the co-CEO revealed that the team is already working on it but due to Detroit having unique lighting and depth of field in over 19000 shots is making it hard for them to do so.

Don’t panic, this does not mean this is not happening instead it tells us that the team is working on it so we will get to take some portrait shots or mortalize some key scenes in the story.

This technology is not something new, especially for PlayStation 4 players. Photo mode has been implemented before in games like Horizon: Zero Dawn or more recently God of War and they worked perfectly.

Detroit already stands out in the terms of visuals and is one of the most beautiful games ever to come on PlayStation 4. Photo mode will take it to the further level so players can capture amazing moments in the game and share them with the world.

In these Photo modes, creativity is endless. There will be many options available including toggle on or off the characters, depth mode, brightness, effects and more. Above all, you can make your favorite androids smile or laugh and make them even more real.

Detroit: Become Human topped the UK charts when it launched leaving behind God Of War and has managed to become the most successful game ever by Quantic Dream.

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