Destiny 2 Forsaken Is What The Fans Asked For According To Bungie

Destiny 2 Forsaken is the next expansion for Bungie’s flagship franchise. At yesterday’s reveal live stream, the studio detailed the expansion, pointing out what’s new and what is changing, making the fans saying that that the game is “SAVED” for the first time. Bungie developers claim that Destiny 2 Forsaken is everything fans asked for since the game released, is it true? What is Forsaken bringing to Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Forsaken releases this September, bring a massive amount of new content and not only that. It’s hard to be excited about Bungie revealing new things coming to Destiny since up until now, the level of underdelivering was high. However, it seems that all the feedback and apologizing led the studio to Forsaken and it looks like it could be the next big thing for the franchise since The Taken King.

The first thing that the Destiny 2 Forsaken live stream revealed is a new area named Tangled Shore. This area will be unlocked through Forsaken’s campaign which revolves around Caydee. Bungie revealed that this campaign will have a more western vibe to it, bringing a twist to the otherwise solid sci-fi theme, Destiny 2 delivers. Of course, new enemies will be coming, new weapons, new exotic armors as happened with previous Destiny 2 expansions Curse of the Osiris and Warmind.

Possibly the most interesting bit about the Destiny 2 Forsaken gameplay changes is the new Weapon System Bungie is bringing to the game. As pointed out by the presentation video, this new weapon system will allow you to play Destiny 2 much like you did with Destiny and allow you to even use three of the same guns if that’s what you wish. Also, a new weapon type will be available, the Bow, which may look a bit standard compared to the massive guns available in-game, however, developers reveal that it is overpowered.

New Supers and Subclass branches are also coming with the release of Destiny 2 Forsaken. There might not be a fourth class coming but the new supers look awesome. Teleportation, solar knives, new void powers and more are coming to you Destiny 2 characters, we don’t know yet if they’ll be available instantly or how we’ll be able to unlock them.

What’s a new Destiny 2 expansion without a new mode though right? The Gambit Mode is a perfect mix of PvE and PvP, letting you compete against another team while fighting in PvE and invade their battle to grab some kills of your own. Gambit looks promising, so we’ll have to wait until Forsaken releases to take a clearer look at what it can offer in long-term.

A New Raid called Dreaming City will also be available with Destiny 2 Forsaken, one that will be much bigger and way more different than the previous ones. Dreaming City is something like the promising land for the franchise and will be an ever-changing place for guardians to explore and grab some sweet loot. Loot you say? Bungie promises the new raid will feature more loot and more precise ways to obtain them.

Destiny 2 Forsaken looks promising to say the least. If what was detailed in its reveal live stream is true and will play out exactly as promised then we might be facing the rising of Destiny 2 again. One can always hope, right?