7 nm AMD Vega Is Around 40% Smaller Than 14 nm Vega

It is safe to assume that AMD almost stole the show from Intel with the announcement of 2nd Gen Threadripper with 32 cores and 64 threads and the world’s first 7 nm Radeon Vega Instinct. Not only the 7 nm AMD Vega Instinct is 35% faster in terms of performance but, it is also around 40% smaller compared to 14 nm Vega.

This is according to the calculations done by Videocardz. The 14 nm Vega is 486 mm2 in size and reportedly the 7 nm Vega is around 40% smaller compared to the 14 nm which makes its size around 300 mm2.

Speaking of the 7 nm Vega, Radeon Vega Instinct offers 35% increased performance compared to the 14 nm. Furthermore, compared to the 14 nm the 7 nm also results in double power efficiency meaning it can do all the work that 14 nm based GPU can but with almost half the wattage.

Not only that, AMD has confirmed that the GPU is being sampled by its partners and will launch sometime in the second half of 2018.

Furthermore, AMD has also noted that Vega products have outsold the previous generation by over 10 times.

The reason why AMD Vega managed to achieve such a feat is that Vega is not only used in discrete AMD GPUs but is also used as the graphics counterpart in its APUs, in custom SoCs of the latest consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While the 7 nm Vega Instinct features 32 GB of HBM2 memory but that doesn’t mean AMD intends to stick with it for its gaming GPUs.

According to AMD, AMD Navi GPUs Might Not Feature HBM2 memory as they work very well with GDDR6 memory. While they have their eyes set on the HBM technology due it being great for “datacentre/workstation type of application” but they are also planning to introduce the GDDR6 memory to the market.

If AMD moves towards the GDDR6 memory for its AMD Navi GPUs then it wouldn’t be surprising since the GDDR6 is very comparable to HBM2 in terms of bandwidth.

Source: Videocardz