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Vampyr Choices And Consequences Guide – Should You Feed On NPCs? All NPC Choices

In this Vampyr Choices Guide, we will guide you on how to make some choices in Vampyr. Vampyr offers an active world full of different NPCs, which can be fed upon.

However, every action you take in the game has its own consequences so we have curated this Vampyr Choices Guide for you so that it helps you decide what is right for you.

Below you will find answers to some of the most difficult choices that must be made in the game. The most important being feed to survive or make the world a better place.

Since you are a playing as a vampire in Vampyr, you will need to feed on people but each kill comes with a price and this price is hefty.

Vampyr Choices and Consequences

Feeding on NPCs is very lucrative because it makes you very powerful in the game. Certain abilities are only unlocked when you drink enough blood and these abilities are extremely useful while playing the game.

However, killing NPCs in Vampyr is not that simple, as each kill will alter the story, lock some content for you, remove certain vendors, hints, and investigations in the game.

To make this easier, we have detailed all the choices below so you can choose your choices accordingly.

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Feeding on NPCs

The most important choice that you must make in Vampyr is whether you should feed on NPCs or not. Feeding on these NPCs is very lucrative because they give huge XP which is probably the most any activity in the game gives you.

This could range from several hundred to few thousand XP points. However, feeding on these NPCs may result in dire circumstances for you in the game.

The world of Vampyr is full of NPCs. These NPCs are not your traditional video game NPCs. Each NPC has a place in the world of Vampyr and they have detailed backstories and relationships with other NPCs of the world.

This means that feeding on an NPC will result in huge changes in the game.

When you feed on an NPC, they will be removed from the game forever. This means that any story linked with them, any missions, quests, or side activities will be gone forever.

If they are attached to the story at some point, it will be altered as well or that specific section of the story will be gone.

Sometimes it will remove hints or merchants from the game permanently. This shows that these NPCs can have a big impact on the game and you must always consider your options before feeding on an NPC.

This also affects the districts as with each NPC gone, the status of the district decreases by 5 that eventually leads to it being hostile status if you do not stop feeding on NPCs there.

If it is very important for you to feed on an NPC, we suggest that you avoid feeding on vendors, hospital staff, key story characters, and anyone that might give you hints in the future.

These people are vital to the game and they make your life in London very easy.

This does not mean that do not feed on NPCs at all. You can still feed on somewhat lower importance NPCs.

Make sure that the people you feed on are cured of diseases and you have unlocked all of their hints as this increases the blood that you get and give you an opportunity to unlock more skills and abilities.

Feeding on NPCs affects the health of the district. It could be Disinfected, Healthy, Stable, Serious, Critical and Hostile. It all depends on your feeding on the NPCs.

If you feed on too many NPCs, the health status of the district will continue to decline and it will eventually become hostile.

However, drinking blood of NPCs is not all bad. It is extremely good for and if you keep drinking their blood, you become stronger and powerful. If you are powerful enough, you will not need crafted items much.

You can delay feeding on NPCs for a later time in favor of the district.

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Clay Cox

You encounter Clay Cox in chapter one of the game and you will need to make a choice with him. You can either release him, feed on him or save him for later.

If you release Clay Cox, you will eventually meet him later in the game where he will give you further missions. He will also give you some tips and an investigation.

If you choose to drink his blood, you will earn a lot of XP but Clay Cox will die instantly. This will remove his investigation from your playthrough and will decrease the district’s health.

We recommend that you release him at this stage, complete his investigation and listen to his tips. Once it is done and then feed on him at a later stage.

Dorothy Crane

You will meet her in chapter two of the game and you will be required to choose her fate as well. You can either spare her, feed on her or charm her. If you decide to spare her, you can force her to give up on Lady Ashbury.

Dorothy will later sell the formula for 3rd tier medicines.

If you decide to feed on her, you will earn a lot of XP but since she can heal ill people, more people will fall ill in the district and its status will also decrease. You can also decide to charm her that makes her loose her mind.

If you charm her, she will vanish after the next night and becomes a level 24 Skal when you return to her facility. Kill her to get the key to her chest and get some new medicines.

Harvey Fiddick

He is a patient at the Pembroke Hospital who is awaiting surgery for a long time. The reason for all delays is the contradictions between two doctors, Dr. Thoreau Strickland and Dr. Waverley Ackroyd.

Like many other patients in the game, we have no control over his fate.

We can talk with both the doctors but this does not lead to any solid result and Harvey still has to wait on the two doctors to decide something about him. All you can do is find as many clues in the game and complete all investigations.

Nurse Crane

Nurse Crane is yet another NPC whose fate you will have to decide. At one point in the story, you will be required to either feed on her, spare her or convince her.

If you decide to feed her, you will gain a large amount of XP but you will have to wait to get some advanced medicine recipes.

If you decide to spare her, she will resign from the hospital but will stay in Whitechapel. You can buy different medicines and cures from her if you decide to spare her. Your last option is to convince her to stop blackmailing people.

For this, you must explore all of the dialogue branches with her. This convinces her to stay as a nurse at the hospital and stop blackmailing people as well.

However, this does not go as planned because a little time later, she is bitten by Skals and becomes one herself. You get much less XP for killing her in this state.

This concludes our Vampyr Choices Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!