Gamecube Switch Controllers Will Soon Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch

If you’re one of those people who’s been nostalgic for the Nintendo Gamecube, you might be in luck. Officially licensed Gamecube Switch controllers will be coming soon for players to use on the Nintendo Switch, rather than having to use the JoyCons to play games on the console.

The Nintendo GameCube controller is seen by many as a pretty good controller, and many who don’t have a Pro controller to plug their JoyCons into but still want a Switch-style GameCube controller will likely be happy when this rolls out.

Stuff like this was hinted at a while ago when an update to the Nintendo Switch added compatibility settings for the Wii U’s GameCube controller, though the controller itself didn’t work because there weren’t enough buttons to interface correctly with the Switch.

However, if an officially licensed kind of Gamecube Switch controllers are finally coming, then there’s a lot of games that could be played better by many gamers without having to hook your JoyCons into something.

From what we can see in a picture from a Redditor named Mew_The_Creator, the new GameCube controllers look a lot like the original GameCube controllers, including the button layout, colors, and yellow C-stick. They’re even wired in, which might be more of an inconvenience to some players if it’s not long enough. It’s also wider, has shoulder buttons, and has three buttons between the face buttons rather than one, likely to control some of the Switch’s various functions.

Hopefully the GameCube Switch controllers will end up being pretty popular for Switch players, especially since a lot of people look on the Nintendo GameCube with fondness and good memories. There’s no official release date yet for the controllers and they haven’t even been officially announced yet, but Nintendo will likely end up announcing the controllers during the Nintendo section of E3.