Fallout 76 Might Not Support Free Mods And Will Include Creation Club, Rumor Suggests

Just a little while back Fallout 76 was announced and not much was revealed about the game, there have been some rumors which did point out, that is going to be an online survival RPG. What else we know, is the possible release window of the game, to be sometime in 2019. Apart from that, we are pretty thin on the information regarding the game. However, there seems to have been other rumors which might not be a good news for the free mod lovers, that is if it turns out to be true.

Based on the stream of these various rumors, Fallout 76 may no longer support free mods and might include Creation Club. Since it is only a rumor and actually has low credibility we would recommend you to take this very lightly, at least until we hear something from the developers. E3 2018 is what we all are waiting for, with only a few days left, it does seem reasonable to wait before we latch on to such rumors.

Having said that, there are also those fans who prefer the feeling of simplicity, security and conflict-free experience over mods. As you know that dealing with various mods is a really tedious job, since most of the mods conflict with each other and that is the reason we think, it is not something that Bethesda might miss out on.

We know one thing for sure that, if these rumors turn out to be true Bethesda will be facing a massive hate from the fans as most people buy games because of the mods. Then there are those who purchase the game because of the games themselves and are willing to let go of mods.

Hopefully, we will have more to speculate on at E3 2018.

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