Redditor Claims To Have Made A Death Stranding Map In Far Cry 5

A few months back Far Cry 5 rolled out and it has been a massive success. While everyone knows that the game story is not that small and does require some time to finish, most of the community has finished it multiple times and have pretty much explored every inch of that island. So what happens now? Do the players move on? Well everyone thought that the Far Cry 5 map editor was not a big feature but turns out it definitely was a useful one. Recently a Redditor has recreated the Death Stranding map in Far Cry 5 using that map editor.

The Redditor goes by the name “HuntingPandas” has recently posted an image with the claim that he has created a Death Stranding Map. From the looks, it does seem to be the case. According to him, this map is a multiplayer map. Aside from that, the community also does seem to find this quite interesting.

So if you wish to check out the post personally you certainly can, it has been made available to you. With all that said, this is not the first time anyone has gone out of the box, to use the Far Cry 5 map editor in order to create something cool. A little while back we had a Youtuber who re-created the island from the Lost Tv Series in the Far Cry 5 using the map editor.

Of which he also uploaded a video, which also got a lot of attention among the community. He was able to recreate the map, “everything from as small as Sun’s garden to all 9 Dharma Initiative Stations.” The map was made available for public as well, so you can also check that out.

That said, have you used the Far Cry 5’s map editor and created something interesting? Let us know in the comments below.