CD Projekt RED Trademarks Cyberpunk 2077 Right Before E3 2018, Fans Still Skeptical About Its Appearance

For a long time now fans have been expecting to hear something, regarding Cyberpunk 2077 making its appearance at E3 2018. There have been multiple rumors and speculations that suggest both of the possibilities, and the recent silent treatment from CD Projekt RED really concerned most of the fans. However, a recent move made by CDPR has had most thinking, that perhaps they are just teasing the fans, with the silence and that Cyberpunk 2077 will make an appearance at E3 2018.

Just recently it became known that developer CD Projekt RED has filed a trademark for Cyberpunk 2077. Now considering the fact that the developers have made this move right before E3 2018, it seems to point out that perhaps we might be seeing more of Cyberpunk at the event.

Also putting into context the fact that it has been five years since the initial announcement, it would be a perfect time to reveal more details on the game.

The question is, why is this trademark fascinating, well firstly the timing is pitch perfect since it is just a few days before E3 2018. Secondly, it does give credibility to those rumors which suggest Cyberpunk at E3 2018.

Having said that, fans are still very skeptical about all of this, even with most of the rumors and the strange silent treatment of the developers.

All of this has started to irritate the fans regarding the appearance and the tension is hanging by a thread, at the moment. They are now of the opinion that since it has taken a lot of time to develop and such secrecy, it must be something great that none of us have seen before.

A few other reports have also emerged, which claim that the developers have booked one-hour long closed-door appointments for this year. Still, we would recommend you to wait for the event as, only then all of these rumors, speculations will be put to rest.

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