New Fortnite Bouncer Item Solves The Game’s Biggest Issue

What’s the most frustrating thing in Fortnite? If falling to your death isn’t one of your first answers then you must really hate building. A recent leak has revealed the Fortnite Bouncer Item, which lets you place a pad on the ground to give you a big bounce boost and eliminate fall damage.

The Fortnite Bouncer doesn’t have a release date yet and it’s completely understandable since it’s a gamechanger for the game as it progressed over the past months. It’s going to take a few before Epic Games is sure that the item itself is balanced enough to be released.

As the leak Twitter post revealed the Fortnite Bouncer points out, the new item can give you a big bounce boost, much like the Dusty Divot stone effect, but only when you step on it. If you can play your cards right and place it underneath your feet as you fall, it can save you from dying from falling damage.

Apart from the Fortnite Bouncer, the Twitter post points out the release of the Rapscallion Outfit and Jailbird Gear. Fortnite has a strong focus on implementing new cosmetic items frequently, making the game even more colorful and fun than it already is.

In related news, Fortnite might be coming to Nintendo Switch, as several sources hint. Lately, the game has been rated for Switch by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC). Rating board listings may not be official announcements but hold useful information when it comes to upcoming or rumored releases.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch might not get to the same sort of success as Fortnite Mobile, which has proven extremely successful, even if the Nintendo Switch is portable, but it being ported over to another very successful console will be good for both Epic and Nintendo.