Multiple New Playstation Games Will Be Announced Before E3 2018

Multiple new Playstation games are apparently going to be getting announced by Sony even before E3 2018, meaning that we’ll be seeing them likely before the event even starts. These announcements will each come once a day in the days days leading up to E3 on June 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, before the conference.

What makes it even better for a lot of Playstation 4 gamers is that the main course won’t be the games being announced before E3; the Playstation conference will still be filled with stuff to ogle over, both with games that haven’t come out yet and with any game announcements that aren’t going to be spoiled in the days leading up to E3.

The ways that the new Playstation games are going to be announced are fairly simple. June 6, on Wednesday, a new Playstation 4 game will be announced with Playstation VR support. On June 7, a game by Sony’s Worldwide Studios will be announced, followed by another game announcement on June 8. June 9 will have a Playstation VR game be announced, and June 10 will have more information on the release of an “eagerly anticipated” Playstation VR game.

Playstation seems to be following the trend this year of many developers deciding to reveal what games they’ll be talking about at their respective E3 conferences, especially since they’re announcing so many games before the conference, rather than that it.

All of these games being announced even before the Playstation conference might mean that the company has so much to show us that they couldn’t fit it all into the conference itself. Playstation has had a lot of good E3s in the past few years, so hopefully this one won’t be any different.

There’s still a while to wait until E3 starts, but if you want to know when you can see more Playstation stuff, the Sony E3 conference will be starting at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time on June 11.