Five Gameplay Announcements You Might Have Missed for Black Ops 4

It has been little more than a week since Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was officially announced as the next installment in the franchise for this year.

Treyarch intends to spice up the multiplayer experience by jumping onto the battle royale bandwagon with Blackout, as well as placing Specialists on active duty.

There is still a lot that needs to be revealed by the developer and with the floodgates open, information has started to flow through for fans.

Here are five gameplay-related announcements for Black Ops 4 that you should know about.

PC controllers lose “aim assist” functionality

The “aim assist” feature was originally designed to help controllers aim better on consoles by giving crosshairs a slight nudge onto the target. However, the said feature has become sort of a nightmare in recent years because players on PC can exploit the system to combine the benefits of aim assist with the precision of a mouse-keyboard setup.

Treyarch is fully aware of the problem and has already taken steps to level the playing field in Black Ops 4. The developer has confirmed that the aim assist feature will be disabled for controllers on PC in the traditional multiplayer and battle royale modes. There will be no negotiations to turn back this decision.

Just one, monstrous map for Blackout

The mysterious map that is teased to be “1,500 times larger” than fan-favorite Nuketown is not one but the only map releasing for Blackout with Black Ops 4.

Treyarch is stitching together assets from older maps to form one giant sandbox for a unique battle royale experience. The map has been surmised by various community figures to either be a tad larger than the one in Fortnite or the same.

There are probably going to be at least twenty areas for players to explore, with more added with future updates. The sheer scale may be the reason that the developer decided to focus on a single map for battle royale, especially when accounting vehicular warfare on all three fronts.

Suffice to say, do not expect Treyarch to release a second map in the first three quarters at the very least.

Blackout in first-person only

While other developers have willingly switched between perspectives for their battle royale games, Treyarch will be holding dear to the traditional first-person perspective for Blackout in Black Ops 4.

The developer calls it a “distinctly obvious” decision because of how the new installment is bringing together ten years worth of content for a unique battle royale experience. Fiddling with third-person perspectives, for example, might possibly hamper the Call of Duty formula.

That being said, it would be really interesting if Treyarch (or the modding community) enables the third-person perspective down the line.

Support for 4K and HDR

The new installment from Treyarch will receive all the necessary bells and whistles to run in an enhanced capacity on current-generation consoles.

Sony and Microsoft have confirmed that Black Ops 4 will feature support for 4K and HDR on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X respectively. This will be the first time for a game from Treyarch to fully support the Xbox One X enhanced features. The previous Black Ops 3 offered only 4K and that too on the PlayStation 4 Pro only.

It is implied that players will not have to wait any longer than the release date to experience Black Ops 4 with the ultra-glorious features.

Fate of loot boxes

There was an idea being floated that Black Ops 4 might not possibly feature any loot boxes or supply drops. However, it is difficult to even comprehend that such a major multiplayer-focused release would discard the trending but controversial business model. This becomes particularly wary when considering that Blackout is supposed to extend its longevity with post-release updates.

It has now come to light that the decision to implement loot boxes rests with Activision, not Treyarch. This comes straight from senior producer Yale Miller, who has affirmed that the development team is “focused solely” on readying the game for launch. Just how the publisher plans to distribute content among players is unknown for the time being.

In other words, loot boxes are definitely making their way into Black Ops 4.