REPORT: Amidst the Aftermath of Campus Shootings, Black Ops 4 Adds a College Campus Map

The past of few years have been tragic for the families who lost their loved ones in mass campus shootings. Innocent people were killed by degraded, unstable minds of killers who had easy access to weapons.

In the aftermath of pretty much every mass shooting, someone somewhere blamed video games for it. And while we strongly disagree, games like Black Ops 4 are not helping make our case. According to a leaked list of Black Ops 4 multiplayer maps, one of the settings will allow players to shoot each other on a college campus.  There is no need to explain why that is not the right setting to go with at this point.

Leaked Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Maps List

  • Blockage – Cruise Ship
  • Boundary – College Campus
  • Bridgehead – NYC
  • Dustoff – Standoff Remake
  • Escalade – Castle/Ruins
  • Contraband – Island in the Caribbean
  • MP_Airport
  • MP_Crossing
  • MP_Defilade
  • MP_Japan
  • MP_Garrison
  • MP_Nuketown4
  • MP_Rockies
  • Payload – Snowy Military Installation
  • Raided – Raid Remake
  • Rooftops – Firing Range Remake
  • Seaside – City on the Coast

While the source of this list has shared accurate information in the past but we hope this time around he is wrong. Adding a campus-based Call of Duty map is not the best of ideas right now and Treyarch should reconsider this; that is if they are adding it.

But the fact that we have already seen two of the maps mentioned in this list (Payload and Contraband), the chances of all of them coming to Black Ops 4 are high.

Video games have already been blamed for inciting violence among teens and a campus-based map will bring nothing but backlash from the critics of video games. And this time they may just be right; Boundary, as the map is called, seems insensitive and disrespectful to the those who lost their lives in recent campus attacks in the United States.