Battlefield V Gameplay Drops Random Bullet Deviation

According to Battlefield V gameplay details from EA DICE, they are saying goodbye to random bullet deviation. Players will have better control over their gun after the elimination of this feature.

Players will not experience random deviations when shooting the gun. This will boost accuracy but will have no impact on bullet drops at longer distances. Bullet penetration is also coming back but in a big way.

Depending on the type of gun you are using you will be able to pierce through walls and other surfaces. Explaining this aspect, DICE wrote in a blog post:

Where you aim is where you’ll shoot. This will always be true in Battlefield V. Disregarding bullet drop over longer distances, the bullet will go where you have your sights. There will be no RBD (random bullet deviation).

Weapon handling has been given a huge overhaul in general, all designed to crank up the immersion. For LMGs, for instance, you’ll find it easier to go in and out of the bipod positioning.

We’re also bringing back bullet penetration in a big way. So, if you’re wielding an LMG, a stationary weapon, or similar and see an enemy dashing to cover – just rip it. Keep firing and tear that wall or fence down. This will give an extra utility to the Support class who, as you may know, is the class that gets to wield LMGs.

Battlefield V gameplay sounds interesting and more realistic compared to previous entries. Battlefield V is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19 but the deluxe edition comes 4 days early. Preload starts days before the game comes out.

Apart from this new feature or lack thereof, EA DICE is adding realistic weather effects as well. They will have a deeper impact on the battlefield this time around.