New PS4 Commercial Wants You To Play Fearlessly And Don’t Fear Monsters

It’s hard enough to produce good commercials these days but it’s proven that Sony and PlayStation always do the job well.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment released their latest commercial on their official Youtube channel which comes with a message for its all players.

The commercial is only of 30 seconds which includes some nice view along with a powerful message being conveyed:

“Come play fearlessly in our world.
In our world, we never fear monsters. Here, we are fearless. Here, we play.”

Sony has always been good with trailers and commercials so this doesn’t surprise us at all. As for the monsters you might be wondering about, there are a lot present in PlayStation games including God Of War, Last Of Us and the upcoming Days Gone. So basically this commercial is to warm you up for the future and be fearless when playing games on PlayStation.

Take a look at the full commercial below.