Micron GDDR6 GPU Memory Teased , Features Up To 20 Gbps Of Memory Bandwidth

Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs will feature the GDDR6 memory, however, while this isn’t confirmed yet but Micron has teased its upcoming GDDR6 GPU memory that could reach up to 20Gbps of bandwidth which is comparable to that of HBM2.

The stage is set for the next-gen GPUs from Nvidia and AMD and while they are not talking or revealing them anytime soon but Micron’s GDDR6 memory overclock headroom showcases that upcoming Nvidia and AMD GPU featuring the GDRR6 memory might surpass the HBM2 bandwidth.

Micron teased its GDDR6 GPU memory in a research paper in which the company talked about the changes, enhancements, and performance for GDDR6 memory.

If what Micron claims about its memory is true then we might be seeing a significant bump in GPU performance in next-gen NVidia GPUs. All of this, while the memory uses less power compared to GDDR5.

While the preceding results demonstrate full DRAM functionality up to as high as 16.5Gb/s, it is possible for the overall performance of an architecture to be capped by timing limitations in the memory array itself. To determine if this GDDR6 interface could extend beyond the 16.5Gb/s range, the device was placed into a mode of operation which exercises only the I/O while bypassing the memory array.

Speaking of next-gen GPUs, a report has made its way on the internet suggesting that Next-Gen Nvidia GPUs, presumably GTX 1180 or GTX 2080, are coming in July.

This falls in line with SK Hynix’s plans to mass produce GDDR6 in June and this particular memory will be featured in the next-gen Nvidia GPUs which presumably will either be GTX 1180 or GTX 2080.

Nvidia has also announced a 3 GB variant of GTX 1050with upgraded specs compared to the 2 GB variant.  The 2 GB variant of the 1050 features 640 Cuda Cores, 7 Gbps memory speed and a boost clock of 1455 MHz. The 3 GB variant ups these specs with 768 Cuda Cores and 1455 MHz boost clock.

Source: Tweaktown