How To Kill Megalodon In Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep?

In this How to Kill Megalodon Guide, we will guide you on how you can find and defeat the mighty Megalodon beast in Sea of Thieves.

The Hungering Deep is the first biggest content update for Sea of Thieves and it comes with tons of new content for the players to find and explore.

Sea of Thieves has taken co-op gameplay to the next Level as it allows you and your crew to sail the seas as pirates and tame the ferocious oceans of the game and the challenges they come with.

It received its first major content update recently and the developers have put in a mighty beast for you to find and kill.

We have curated this How to Kill Megalodon in The Hungering Deep Megalodon Guide for you in which we have not only mentioned the location of this beast and how to kill it, but also the path, which you must travel to find the Megalodon.

There are a lot of riddles on this path and we have the solutions for all of them right here in our Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Megalodon Guide.

How to Kill Megalodon

Finding Megalodon is no easy task. It is not a boss that you can just head to a specific location, find and kill.

To actually summon the Megalodon, you must first complete a set of riddles and obtain some items, which are necessary for summoning the Megalodon.

Finding Merricks’s Journals

To start the Megalodon hunt, start with speaking with the new NPC now present in the tavern when you spawn. You will find him drunk at a table inside the tavern. Talk with him and he will tell you about Merrick.

To find Merrick, you must now head to the Shark Bait Cove located at the J24 section on the grid of your map. Find Merrick and talk with him who will tell you to find his thee journals.

He will give you hints about all three as to where are they located. For the first one, however, he will tell you the exact location for it.

Your goal is the center of the Shark Bait Cove. You will find some wooden planks here forming a small bridge leading to the shark statue. The first journal is located here. Pick it up and read them.

If you want to, you can find and talk with Tina as well who is mentioned in the first journal. She is working at a tavern located at E12 on the map.

She will give you some insight into the situation but is not required for the completion of the hunt. Although she will point you in the direction of the next journal.

Your next stop is the wreck of Killer Whale. The locations mentioned by Tina are actually Fool’s Lagoon and Twin Groves. You need to head to the center of both these locations to the grid location L14.

This is called as the Killer Whale wreck, which was Merrick’s ship in the past. Once there, find the mast of the wreck, climb it and pick up the journal.

Another optional step, if you want to, you can head to Dagger Tooth Outpost and speak with Teri. The tavern is located at the grid location Q8 on your map.

Find Teri and speak with her. She will point you to the next journal location, however, this is totally optional.

The location of the last journal is an uncharted island located west of Shark Tooth Key. For ease, head to the grid S16 on your map.

This island is not named on the map so you are best to use the grid location to get there. Once there, head underneath the island to find a secret cave. There is a statue here, which has the final journal. Pick it up.

Now that you have all the journals, it is time to head back to Merrick. Head back to Shark Bait Cove and give Merrick the journals.

He will be happy with your work and will give you a drum, which is necessary to summon the mighty Megalodon. Now that you have the drum, it is time to summon the Megalodon and hunt it down.

Megalodon Boss Battle

Megalodon is no easy creature to defeat. One hit can throw all the part members off the ship and if it catches any player in the ocean, they instantly die.

If you do not have a full party with you, you can forget about fighting it, as even with four players with you, killing it is no easy feat. Once you have a complete part of five, have one of them go to the ship before saying goodbye to Merrick.

The player with the drum must be at the ship and playing the drums when you bid farewell to Merrick. This is necessary to summon the Megalodon. The player must not stop playing the music for the entire trip to the location.

Start heading to the location grid T26 on your map. Once you reach the location, all players in the party must start playing the song in unison. This will allow you to summon the Megalodon.

During the battle, one of the players must solely focus on the ship repairs. He should leave all other tasks and must focus entirely on the ship repairs. It is even better if you can spare two people for repairing the hull and bailing the water.

You must have a large number of cannonballs and wood planks.

While Megalodon is circling the ship, you must follow it and fire at it repeatedly with all available cannons when it starts to turn and come towards you. It is very difficult to repel its attacks so you must be prepared for a big impact at all times.

Focusing firepower when it attacks and you might just be able to repel the attack.

If you lose your ship during the battle, the game will be over so make sure that you have an active repairman all the times with enough planks. Keep this up and you will finally defeat the mightiest of the creatures in the game.

Do not expect a reward at the end of the fight. This is just like the Kraken boss fight, which also does not reward you with anything for defeating it.

This concludes our Sea of Thieves The Hungering Deep Megalodon Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!