Frostpunk DLC Roadmap Revealed And It’s All Free

Frostpunk is a city building survival game developed and published by 11-bit studios for Windows which was well received by everyone and that’s the reason everyone has been expecting more in the game from developers who achieved their goal.

11 bit studios have finally released a roadmap full of new and free content which will arrive in their survival game this year. The studio has planned content for 2018 and aswell for 2019.

“The City has survived but that’s not the end of the journey – we are ready for further expeditions,” the studio writes. “This development road map will give you the idea of where Frostpunk is heading in 2018. We have planned some substantial content updates – unlocking new modes, tools and scenarios – on top of continuous technical patches which will arrive when necessary. It should go without saying that all of those are going to be FREE updates. And we have even more stuff planned for 2019…”

The first DLC is scheduled for a release in June which has a brand new mode called Survivor. This new mode will unlock some modifiers that will make the game harder for you even more than it is on the most difficulty settings.

Afterward comes basic customization options which will allow you to name citizens and automatons. There’s also a new scenario called ”The Builders” which is the most substantial update for 2018 according to 11 bit Studios and that’s why they don’t want to spoil it by telling about it.

Next is endurance mode which is another endless or sandbox mode. The studio is also adding Winter snapshots which will be a cool photo/screenshot tool so you can snap some icy and intense pics of New London.

11 Bit Studios has also mentioned at the end that this is not it as they have some content planned for 2019 as well. The studio will also release in between smaller and bigger updates to address bugs, stability tweaks and more.

The roadmap is impressive and if you are new to Frostpunk we have a beginners guide which will help you understand the game better.