Five Black Ops 4 Specialists That You Want to Main

Following their debut in the last installment from Treyarch, “Specialists” are returning this year in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with newfound focus.

They are hero-like characters with unique abilities and weapons. They also effectively encourage teamwork by giving players a role to play on the battlefield, which either makes them situational or an integral part of every composition.

Treyarch has only detailed eight Specialists for the time being but there could possibly be more.

Here are the five specialists that you should consider maining when the release happens later this year.

5. Ruin (Rusher)

Ruin carves out an open path for his team to follow by pushing forward and dealing the initial blow with overwhelming force.

He can use a nifty “Grapple Gun” to pull himself to a further location, either to elevated vantage points or simply forward. This can only be used once before going on cooldown. Hence, players must be absolutely sure where they want to zip across to.

In terms of damage, he can take a short leap and bring down a kinetic device called “Grav Slam” to deliver a lethal blast radius around the point of impact. All enemy players bunched together inside this fairly small surrounding will have to say sayonara.

The fast-paced combat system that Call of Duty has thrived on over the years makes Ruin a perfect specialist for the job. He can rush into the enemy front lines, ambush them from the sides, or flank in a short period of time. If the opportunity presents itself, a Kamikaze drop to kill multiple targets would not be bad if it allows his team to take control of the map.

4. Recon (Intel Operator)

Recon breaks down the walls for himself and his allies but not in the literal sense.

He can shoot a “Sensor Dart” that reveals nearby enemy players by pinpointing their location on the minimap. It should be noted that the proximity range is actually not that large and would be most useful for checking around chokepoints as an example.

The main source of intel comes when Recon activates “Vision Pulse” to reveal the entire enemy team as white silhouettes behind the terrain. This covers a large surrounding area and the targets are visible to everyone on the team for a brief period.

Being able to see through walls, Treyarch has just made hacking a legitimate gameplay element in Black Ops 4. For that reason alone, Recon is going to be picked by a number of players during the early months. It remains to be seen how he will fare up in competitive leagues where the enemy team has taken vantage points to defend an objective.

3. Seraph (Tactician)

Seraph mixes both discipline and strategy to command her team forward, leaving the opposition with little choice but to hole up inside.

She can place a beacon called “Tac-Deploy” anywhere on the map that allows friendlies to respawn in the surrounding area. There is no limit to the number of insertions and the device remains active until it has been destroyed or runs out of time. This is probably one of the most powerful equipments to have in Black Ops 4. In the right and capable hands, deploying a beacon behind enemy lines or on a contested objective will make life fairly frustrating for the enemy team.

Besides transportation, she can whip out a high caliber revolver called “Annihilator” that does exactly what the name suggests. The sidearm can land one-shot kills with increased bullet penetration and strong aim assist values. It also lasts longer than expected, allowing her to pull off close to a dozen shots before going on cooldown.

Expect Seraph to be a primary pick for professional players in the competitive leagues. Even if she is nerfed, her kit is simply too valuable to let go. This will come into prominence when specific maps are determined to have the best spots for her beacons.

2. Firebreak (Area Denial)

Firebreak turns on the heat for enemy fortifications, while establishing a perimeter for himself and his allies.

He can place a “Reactor Core” that emits heavy radiation to damage all enemy players and temporarily reduce their maximum health in a large surrounding area. However, if the Reactor Core is held for too long, Firebreak gets to feel the heavy radiation as well. The double-edged sword is an attempt to balance the character but amounts to an effective ability for defending and clearing objectives from a hidden vantage point.

The main course for Firebreak though is an old-fashioned flamethrower called “Purifier” that shoots a steady gout of liquid fire to turn enemy players into cinder. It surprisingly has a pretty good reach and can scorch targets at medium range with ease. This makes Firebreak an incredibly powerful specialist in Black Ops 4. Treyarch will ultimately have to address the extensive range for balance, either before or after the release this year.

1. Battery (Demolition Expert)

Battery comes packing high-explosives that prove most useful when her team needs to clear out enemy entrenchments, surprise bunched players around corners, or simply send airmail to the backlines.

She can lob a “Cluster Grenade” that sticks to surfaces and splits into multiple smaller grenades after detonation. The initial damage from the blast is high enough to send most enemy players home in a casket, and those who manage to survive the first wave with a sliver of health will then have the baby grenades to deal with in the next.

She can also equip a nasty grenade launcher called “War Machine” when things become a bit too messy, spitting bouncing grenades across the map that either detonate after a short time or on direct impact with an enemy player.

It goes without saying that Battery is going to be one of the most popular specialists to pick in the game just because of her explosive armory. The grenade launcher has a long history in Call of Duty for being revered by first timers. Expect the community to launch a petition for Treyarch to reduce the amount of grenades or the damage from the blast soon after Black Ops 4 is released this year. Until then, boom voyage.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is scheduled to release on October 12, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.