Amazon Listing Changes The Fallout 76 Release Date To December Of 2019

We were fooling our selves if we thought that Fallout 76 release date was going to be July 31st based on the Amazon listing, because turns out the listing has changed the release date and pushed it pretty far, to where it was originally expected by the fans.

Since the reveal of Fallout 76 by Bethesda over the past few days, not much information has been released and because of that, there have been various speculations and rumors regarding the release date of the game. Among the various rumors and leaks was the Amazon listing, that suggested The Fallout 76 Release Date be set for 31st June 2018. However, now the listing has changed the date to 31st, 2019 December.

Last week Fallout 76 was announced with a small teaser trailer and following that a pre-order page on Amazon went up and then the listing surfaced which took all the fans from their feet, with the speculations. Still, most of the fans were pretty much aware that it was too good to be true.

Since Bethesda has not yet announced the release date of the game, we still can not completely rely upon this December date as well. Considering if 31tst July was much of an error, it is equally possible that 31st December 2019 date could also turn out to be misleading. Until we hear something regarding it on E3, we are pretty in the dark.

Having said that, looking at the past Fallout releases by Bethesda, we know this much that Bethesda does not typically release Fallout games in July, so it was already a long shot.

That said, based on the 60$ price of the game as listed by Amazon, we can also speculate that Fallout 76 is perhaps going to be a full-fledged sequel.

Keeping all that into context, what are your thoughts on these inconsistent rumors regarding the release date of the game? Let us know in the comments below.