Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Might Be Coming To Xbox One

Microsoft stopped supporting Kinect a long time ago which was helpful in guiding your system to do tasks just by sitting without a hassle. Afterward, they introduced Cortana which has a lot of limitations and can’t simply compete with good AI assistants nowadays.

Cortana has a lower quality than Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and to use it you’ll need a headset or a Kinect sensor which is something annoying and you can’t have it around you always. Well looks like Microsoft has found a way to solve our problems by bringing us the top assistants which are none other than Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

According to a recent screenshot provided by Microsoft Central, It appears that these both popular assistants are making their way to Xbox One.

By going into the reference settings and digital assistants, you can choose to enable third-party assistants. After which you’ll have to search Xbox skill app in the assistant app of your choice to get connected.

According to Windows Central, this screenshot and information was revealed by a reliable source who’s familiar with Microsoft’s efforts to link Alexa and Cortana.

It’s currently unknown what features you will be able to use on your Xbox One but looks like you will have access to thousands of features from both platforms.

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa will definitely improve the experience of Xbox One as a home entertainment center.

This will be another great feature for Xbox One users who were abandoned by Microsoft when they stopped supporting Kinect. So expect an update arrive sooner or later. Microsoft mostly saves big updates for fall but an important update like this can take some more time than usual.

Are you excited to use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant on your Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Microsoft Central