Madden NFL 19 Player Ratings, Release Date, Future Announcements, Rumors, Franchise Mode, Ultimate Team Changes

EA recently revealed Madden NFL 19 and fans have been going crazy over it. This year’s Madden is stated to be the best one so far in the series as it is improving across all fonts and is coming with tons of new features.

Here we have curated this Madden NFL 19 article for you in which we have collected and detailed everything there is to know about the EA’s newest Madden title, Madden NFL 19.

Madden NFL 19

We will be sharing with you the details about the game’s new visuals, improved frostbite engine, Connected Franchise Mode, improved Madden Ultimate Team, and its release date as well.

Sadly, we have no gameplay videos as of yet but EA has announced that multiple reveal dates when they will reveal specific features of the game.

We will continue to add all the information revealed in the future here so make sure that you keep checking back for more.

Improved Graphics

Since the last Madden was the first one to switch to Frostbite, it was not able to fully utilize the engine, as the team was still new to the engine.

However, this year’s Madden has taken the engine to a totally new level with improved graphics and fluid visual animations. The engine is upgraded even further so we are expecting the game to be beautiful.

This year, we have PS4 Pro and Xbox One X as well which are much better at providing visual fidelity as compared to their normal versions so we can expect some serious visual overhaul.

EA will reveal the graphics of the game soon in July. We will update this article with more information when it is revealed. About the visuals, EA released the following statement.

“Madden NFL 19 will flex more of the Frostbite muscle, providing broadcast-quality graphics for a level of immersion for the ultimate gridiron gaming experience.”

Improved Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 19 will have the most advanced and improved Franchise mode allowing players to choose the offensive and defensive schemes. This is being introduced for the first time in any Madden NFL game.

This will be applicable to both single player and multiplayer seasons. It also features an all-new progression system that will be linked with these schemes.

These will be based on authentic positional archetypes, which will allow you to win more matches easily. This will grant the player more control over their players.

The new Connected Franchise Mode will also have a Custom Draft Class Creator, which has been requested by tons of fans over the course of time.

According to the developer, this game’s Franchise Mode will give ‘unparalleled control’ to players over their teams.

Real Player Motion

Yes, you heard that right. After its success in FIFA franchise, EA is implementing the Real Player Motion physics in Madden NFL as well.

This means a huge step forward when it comes to player movement around the field. This will make the player motions hyper-realistic which also means that we will be getting new player movements in the game as well.

These new animations will mean that players will be able to get more control over their players. Players will be able to execute better cuts and improved acceleration from ball carriers.

Players will be also able to push blockers ahead of them to gain extra yards rather than try to sneak around them zoom down the field and stop on a dime to cut through defenders.

Apart from this, there will be also some new running and rushing moves. This will totally change how you play Madden games from now on.

Additional gameplay information will be shared by EA in June later and we will add that information to this article.

Ultimate Team Additions

MUT or Madden Ultimate Team is also getting some new features in the new title. The most notable features are Solo Battles and upgraded MUT Squads.

The Solo Battles will allow you to take part in single player challenges and compete with others in a Leaderboard System.

Upgraded MUT Squads mean that now you are not forced to play against online players. You can also try it against the computer allowing you to hone your skills before you jump online. This will also give rewards to the player.

Player Ratings Update

Like every year, Player Ratings will be updated in the Madden NFL 19. EA plans to reveal more information on Player Ratings in July so we will be adding more information to this section in July.

Check back then for more details on Player Ratings changes in Madden NFL 19.

Special Editions

Madden NFL 19 is coming in a special Hall of Fame edition as well along with the normal edition. The Hall of Fame Edition is going to feature Terell Owens on the cover.

The standard edition cover has not been revealed yet but we will update this guide as soon as it is revealed. Both editions come with special bonuses when you pre-order.

Apart from a special cover, the Hall of Fame edition will come with 3-day early access, choice of five Elite Hall of Fame Legends in the Ultimate Team mode, one Training Pack and seven additional Gold Team Fantasy Cards when you pre-order.

If you pre-order the normal edition, you will get Choice of one Elite Player from your favorite NFL team and five Gold Team Fantasy Packs.

Future Reveals

EA has given out a timetable of their future reveals for the Madden NFL 19. We have detailed the complete schedule below so that you can check back here for additional information when we update this article:

  • Gameplay – 4/6/2018
  • Controls – 9/6/2018
  • Franchise – 11/6/2018
  • Presentation – 18/6/2018
  • Graphics – 25/6/2018
  • Player Ratings – July

You can see that June is a big month for Madden NFL 19 and more information will be revealed about the game in July as well. Since the game is set to launch soon, it is vital that EA reveal more information about the game before its launch.

Release Date

Like all previous game, Madden 19 is also set to release in August this year. The confirmed release date is August 10, 2018. It will be coming on PS4 and Xbox One with added support for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

The special Hall of Fame Edition will be available to buyers on August 7, 2018.

Sadly, a Switch version has not been announced until now. We really hope that Madden NFL 19 makes its way to the Switch console as well because many people will love playing Madden NFL 19 on their portable console.

This concludes our everything about Madden NFL 19 Article. We will continue to add more information as it is revealed about the game in this article so make sure that you continue to check back for your Madden 19 fix.

Tell us in the comments section below about your thoughts about the new Madden NFL 19. What do you want to see in the new title and will you be buying the game when it comes out.