Korean Ratings Board Leak Says We’ll Be Seeing Fortnite On Nintendo Switch

Apparently we’ve been given another big indication that we’ll be seeing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, according to the Korean Ratings Board. So far the game has been available both on mobile, home consoles, and PC, but this time it’ll be rounding everything up by coming to Nintendo Switch as well.

Fortnite has experienced enormous popularity in every possible, which has led to it becoming the most-watched and streamed game on Twitch, with its number of players rapidly eclipsing the rapidly decreasing player numbers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. And with the third-party policy that the Nintendo Switch has, it’ll likely get even more popular.

With the much more kid-friendly atmosphere of Fortnite, with its more cartoony artstyle, sillier game modes, and more, Fortnite has also become a staple among a lot of young kids, making it the perfect game to put on the Nintendo Switch. The console’s lack of an actual voice chat option is also good, as it can save the virgin ears of a child from someone screaming curses over the microphone.

It’s been rumored for a while now that we’d be seeing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch at some point soon, but often ratings boards can leak things that end up confirming suspicions, much like the Korean Ratings Board here. Though at the same time we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from both Nintendo and Epic Games to see if the game is actually coming.

Fortnite on Nintendo Switch might not get to the same sort of success as Fortnite Mobile, which has proven extremely successful, even if the Nintendo Switch is portable, but it being ported over to another very successful console will be good for both Epic and Nintendo.

Either way, we’ll likely discover whether or not it’s actually true at E3 2018, so you’ll have to be patient for around two more weeks.