GTA San Andreas, MIDNIGHT CLUB: LA And Table Tennis Coming To Xbox One With Backwards Compatibility

Rockstar has announced some fan favorites classic games of Xbox 360 including GTA San Andreas which are going to be backwards compatible on Xbox One starting from the next week.

These classics include one of the biggest games ever from RockStar that is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas but that’s not all as my personal favorite, Midnight Club LA along with Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis is also going to be playable on Xbox One.

These all classic games will be playable starting next week on Thursday, June 7th. These are all big games but GTA San Andreas stands out as the biggest of the trio and is without a doubt most beloved game in GTA series after GTA V.

Before these games, RockStar also added Bully to Xbox One as a part of backward compatibility program.

GTA San Andreas will take you back to the Los Santos where you will play as the most favorite Carl Johnson Aka CJ. CJ takes on a journey to save his family and take the control of groove streets. You will be able to play your childhood favorite game once again but on the latest gen console.

Both the original Xbox release and the Xbox 360 version of San Andreas will be backward compatible on Xbox One.

That’s not all, MIDNIGHT CLUB: LOS ANGELES is also returning and it’s one of the best racing games ever on Xbox 360. While we are still waiting for MIDNIGHT CLUB to debut with a new game or a remaster on the current gen consoles, you can race through the streets of Los Angeles in a collection of real-world tuners, muscle cars, exotics, and superbikes.

Midnight Club is known for insane car customizations so if you haven’t played it before then this is a perfect time to try it out. Both the original version and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition will be available on Xbox One.

Last comes the only Table Tennis game from RockStar. Choose from 11 different characters with different styles and achieve victory by doing power shots, heavy spin and much more.

Are you excited to play GTA San Andreas on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.