Battlefield V Gameplay to Feature Never Before Seen Improvements, Immersion and Squad Play Remains the Focus

As soon as Battlefield V hit the internet, there have been a lot of speculations on how the game might turn out to be, in fact, some details and speculations have even turned it into a controversial game even before its release. Like the addition of female combatants in the game is something that hasn’t sat well with the community. But we can’t start judging without more information.

Fortunately, the official website of Battlefield V has taken a deep dive into the immersion and the squad play of the game; Features that the community might really enjoy.

A lot of things have been discussed in the post but most of the discussion centers around immersion and the squad play of the game.

When talking about immersion, we need to understand that it can mean a lot of things for different games. For Battlefield V it spans from visual and sound to the movement of the soldier as well as combat situations and how you will shape the environment.

A great many things have been improved regarding the movement of the soldiers like being able to backpedal when lying down, being able to jump through windows, throw back grenades, sprinting while crouching, rolling, diving and much more.

What is new is that you as a player will be able to react to the world in the game and it will also react to you in return. The world around you will be very interactive, you never know what you just may find, hidden in the vegetation. According to the post, players will also observe that a lot more variation in the third person movements of other soldier has been made, which will only enhance the gameplay.

A great many changes in the Gun Play have also been made like they have removed the random bullet deviation. So where the player will aim, is where the bullet will land. Weapon handling has also been given huge overhaul, apart from that they are also bringing back bullet penetration in a big way. A lot of effort has been put into crafting the destruction and it shall be more dynamic than ever.

Moving on to Squad Play, you would be happy to know that your squad will now be more important than it has even been in the past. Now staying close to your squad as well as communicating with it will pay off. The team has acknowledged that they are working on improving the communication options as well.

Other improvements include; a more intense and personal revive system and if you work in a synchronized manner you can unleash squad reinforcements.

With all that said, if you wish to take a closer look where a lot of more details have also been discussed, you can head on down to the official website and check it out.