League of Legends Update 8.12 Brings World Cup Skins, New Fighter Items

The new League of Legends update 8.12 has brought a large amount of new content to players today, including skins for the upcoming World Cup and a number of new Fighter items as well. Ornn and Sejuani are also getting a number of adjustments, but those may not come with the patch.

The two new fighter items that have been added to the game in League of Legends update 8.12 are Atma’s Reckoning (which is based off of Atma’s Impaler, a weapon that’s been defunct for quite a while) and the Spear of Shojin. Both of these items give fighters the ability to have late-game options without having to build tank items in order to still be relevant.

When it comes to heroes being changed, both Ornn and Sejuani are getting a few pretty noticeable changes. Ornn’s HP regeneration is being slightly decreased from 2 to 1.8 per second, while his HP regen growth is increasing to 0.2 from 0.16. Three of his moves have also changed, as Volcanic Rupture has gotten its AD cut by a third, and its damage increased. His Bellows Breath has also had its WD increased to 1.25 seconds from 0.75, and Call of the Forge God’s slowing effect has been decreased.

Sejuani has mainly only gotten her moves changed. Fury of the North’s damage against monsters has been decreased to 300, while Winter’s Wrath has gotten its mana cost decreased, and on the flail swing and lash its AP has been upped 20 and 60 percent, respectively. Her Permafrost move has gotten its AP increased to 60 percent, while its damage ratio has also come up.

The new skins in League of Legends update 8.12 include Dark Star Cho’Gath, Playmaker Lee Sin, and Sweeper Ramus, two of which have been given World Cup-style outfits to promote the event coming up in a few weeks. You can go to the official Riot website to see the rest of the update’s patch notes for yourself.

There’s no specific release date for the patch yet, but it’s likely that it will be coming out on June 14, a Wednesday.