Battlefield V Players Condemned for Having Opinions

The following article is an opinion piece submitted by one of our readers. It presents an opposing opinion on an article published on SegmentNext last month. We welcome opposing opinion and views on our website from our readers. If you wish to speak your mind you can also submit your opinions to us.

by Nathaniel Greyson

When the Battlefield V reveal trailer was released last week, I like many others, was appalled by what I saw. What was once a more serious game about the plight of war, had been turned into what seemed like a circus. This wasn’t a trailer for Battlefield, but more like a game called “What If Michael Bay and Fortnite had a baby?”

The trailer was ripe with historical inaccuracies and obvious attempts to appease groups pushing political agendas. Because of that, many individuals expressed their disdain for the trailer currently bringing the number of dislikes on YouTube to 287k (more than the 265k likes.)

However, due to the backlash, anyone with a negative opinion is instantly branded as misogynist, racist, homophobic, disgusting, “a neckbeard,” someone with no life and lives in their parent’s basement like some sort of vile troll. We are labeled all of this for simply having an opinion. These accusations (childish name calling) is all aimed towards us for having an opinion about a series we’ve known and loved for years and want to see succeed.

I will state the obvious, that yes, there is a small minority of individuals who are racist, take issue with women in video games and do not want to see social progress, but they hardly speak for all of us.

Battlefield is a series that (in the past at least) has prided itself on portraying war for what is, and not a glamorous, Hollywood-Style event. Part of this means showing it through the eyes of history.

Head of DICE, Oskar Gabrielson, mentions “attempting to fit three players on a galloping horse, with flamethrowers” in a realistic war game, this would be considered stupid and suicidal. But realism has been thrown out the window in favor of high-speed tanks and over the top scenarios. Perhaps they should have also given players the ability to fly.

Many will argue that there were women who had an active part in World War II, but their presence was hardly that of soldiers fighting on the front lines. They were mostly nurses and attended to those injured from the fight.

Perhaps there were some who did fight, but as a whole, it would be highly unlikely for a soldier to encounter a woman in a combat role or recollect seeing them fighting.

Prosthetic limbs did exist in that time period, but how could one easily wield a bolt action rifle with it? Were garish war paint and outlandish hairstyles the norm in World War II? If anything, the characters look like they might find their home in modern-day Brooklyn, rather than battling in trenches. Yes, Japanese soldiers may have carried katanas into battle, but are we to believe that European soldiers equipped them as well? Seeing this does indeed break the immersion of the game and cheapens the experience.

This is where the truly sad part comes in; when players express their discontentment with these facts, they are lambasted with false accusations of being hateful people. It is one of the most shameful plays that can be made when one decides to use the “moral high ground” to their advantage. No one wants to be considered a sexist person and so they back off, meanwhile, this inflates the ego of those making the accusations.

Similar occurrences have happened when the developers of Kingdom Come: Deliverance were accused of racism for not including people of color in their game. Kingdom Come was a game based on medieval Europe and seeing a person of color was highly unlikely. Still, websites like “Let’s Play Video Games” insisted that the game was racist. It must be unsettling to be given a job or make something historically accurate and then be labeled a racist.

What’s even stranger is that when Resident Evil 5 was released it was accused of racism, not for a lack of representation, but rather for having it all. People were upset that many of the enemies were all black, and that the player was killing black zombies.

For a game taking place in Africa, one would imagine that most of the people there would be black. Imagine if there were more white enemy types and how the backlash for the game would have been for not being accurate.

Battlefield V has become something that many of its fans have feared, by giving into both political views and also losing its identity. What was once a game that took a different route from the typical shooter is now more in line with Call of Duty or Overwatch. We can, of course, understand that EA and DICE would like to chase current trends to boost their business, but it’s a shame that they are chasing another current trend of degrading their fans.