Despite A Fix, Windows 10 April Update Still Causing Problems With Toshiba SSDs

Many started to report problems with Windows 10 April Update as soon as it was rolled out to the masses. However, Windows 10 April Update Boot Loop bug was the one that made quite a splash, Microsoft fixed it recently but despite that, many are still reporting issues following the April update with Toshiba SSDs.

Despite the boot loop issue has been fixed for both Intel and Toshiba SSDs but the reports have been coming in suggesting that system with Intel SSDs are still experiencing the same issue despite the cases have reduced significantly.

As for the users with Toshiba SSDs, they have been reporting that following the fix the write speed for the drives has been reduced significantly.

After installing the latest Windows updates, including Version 1803 and KB4100403, my Toshiba XG5’s sequential write speeds have fallen from ~2000 MB/s to ~460 MB/s, slower than its 4K 8 queue depth, 4 thread random write speed.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is yet to confirm if the Windows 10 April Update is still causing these issues in systems with Toshiba SSDs. However, with Microsoft’s next patch cycle coming around soon we are hopeful that Microsoft will be fixing this issue soon.

Speaking on Microsoft, there is another Windows 10 bug that causes the systems to crash when a USB drive is inserted and Microsoft has noted that it won’t patch out this issue.

According to security researcher Marius Tivadar, he notified Microsoft of the issues with Windows 10 back in July 2017 which caused the system to crash if it contained a handcrafted NTFS image.

This Windows 10 issue only causes a crash or in other words Blue Screen Of Death, however, according to Tivadar, this issue is basically a denial of service.

What do you think of Windows 10 April Update? Have you been experiencing any issues and problems with the update? Let us know in the comments.