Street Fighter For NES Was Once In Development Before It Got Cancelled

The legendary fighting video game by Capcom, Street Fighter recently celebrated its 30th Anniversary by releasing the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection, which has made possible to play every single mainline game prior to the series forth entry on Switch. Although that is certainly amazing but what’s even more, is a piece of information which has recently surfaced, claiming that Street Fighter For NES, was once in development before it got canceled.

We came to know of this news from the video game archivist, historian, and developer, Frank Cifaldi. Who has previously worked on the “Museum” section of the recently released collection. Frank Cifaldi recently took to his Twitter account posting a screenshot, to which he said that it is something which was “buried deep in a Capcom marketing archive, undiscovered for decades”. That said, it is the first time this image has been made public.

He did not stop in a single post, Cifaldi went on to discuss more interesting facts about the series that none of us ever knew of. He further revealed that a very different version of Street Fighter was in development. He posted an image that shows the cast of characters, that had been designed for the game but the project was canceled way before it could be turned into a real thing.

So if you are a fan of the series, who isn’t? then we would definitely recommend that you take a look through these series of posted Tweets, as they reveal a great many details.

With all that said, you would be happy to know that Cody is coming back to Street Fighter 5, as a part of the Season 3. On top of that, he will be taking over as a new Metro City Mayor, which we came to know of, through the revealed gameplay trailer.

Cody will be joining the roster of Street Fighter 5 on June 26th.