Ring of Elysium Weapons Guide – All Weapon Types, Weapon Tips

The Ring of Elysium Weapons Guide details anything there is to know when it comes to the firearms of Ring of Elysium. Know your way around weapons in this latest PUBG-inspired Battle Royale game from Chinese publisher Tencent.

Ring of Elysium Weapons

In a game built around survival, knowing which weapon to use according to the situation at hand is crucial and could mean the game. As for now, a few weapons have been discovered in the game.

Hopefully, there will be more variety as the game launches in the West and enters its full release.


In this category, you can find the powerful and effective Desert Eagle with .5 EA ammunition as well as the USP45 pistol type that uses the .45 ACPs.

These are the stronger pistol weapons in the game and will guarantee a good result as you approach the closure of the round. Glock 19 is another one, coming with 9mm but is quite weak in what it has to offer.


This is the weapon type you can use to produce most devastating effects at close range. These include Remington 870, Frostech Origin-12 and Citori. The Remington is the only one out of these that can be fired in a semi-automatic mode.

The other two are more effective and damaging. The Citori holds an ammunition of 2 bullets at a time and will also take longer to reload.

Frostech is the best when it comes to both ammunition (5 bullets) and reload speed, so this is your go-to gun in close quarter combat.

Sub-Machine Gun

Where the SMG lacks in damage output, it makes up for it with an incredible fire rate. This weapon type can be classified into two: those using 9mm and those using .45 ACPs.

The latter deals higher damage, while the former boasts increased shooting speed and stability.

Sniper Rifle

This is for tackling your enemies from ways out. The G28 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that uses 7.62 mm bullets and can fire in quick succession to yield great results.

The Mosin Nagant also uses 7.62 mm caliber bullets and it has an x4 scope that is great for accuracy.

Two versions of Remington sniper rifles also exist with 5.56 mm already in the game and .338 caliber sniper rifle making its way to the game soon.

Assault Rifle

These are suitable for close to mid-range combat and fall in two groups according to the ammunition type. The M4A1 and LVOA run on 5.56 mm rounds where the M4A1 unlike the LVOA, can be mounted.

The other group uses 7.62 mm and include AK47 and Groza, with SCAR-H soon making it to the weapons list. The third one is capable of attaching modifications like scope and extra magazine unlike the previous two.

AK47 and Groza also have a greater recoil so firing continuously can be a little less accurate.

This is all we have in our Ring of Elysium Weapons Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!