Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting Ring of Elysium

So you must have heard of the new Battle Royale game Ring of Elysium, but you may not have heard enough? Yes, it is along the lines of PUBG but what’s more to it? Let our article help you get a better understanding of the latest game from Tencent.

Ring of Elysium Starting Tips

First off, you need to know that as of now, the game is only available in Thailand but worry not since you can go around that hurdle.

Our Installation Guide will help you download the game and translate it to English so head to that link for getting the game first on your system.

Then you can get some healthy information about how combat works in the game with a variety of weapons in our Weapons Guide.

You can find details on many of the firearms in that guide so you know for sure which weapon to use to suit the given situation.

As for game modes, your guess is right for traditional Battle Royale game modes. These include multiplayer sessions where you can go all alone or team up in pairs or up to 4 players to fight off other foes.

Of course, one thing is certain; you will have to be the last standing man or group to come out victorious.

There are also some other matters at hand which you can use to getting acquainted beforehand. The first question is whether the game Support Bots.


This question arises because of the new and somewhat amateur servers as of now for RoE. The game is only likely to gain traction and a larger player count as it heads into its worldwide release.

Therefore, players have been speculating whether the game uses some bots to fill in the numbers on a server.

Players have noticed weird movements and responses from these presumed bots.

Things like running in a straight line when you are being shot at or not finding cover and not retaliating either are definitely possible for an inexperienced player or a newcomer.

However, at the same time, it does not rule out the possibility of computer-coded players or bots.

Moreover, the Solo Mode is most likely to have bots to reduce loading times and keep the player count to the minimum for the mode to function properly.

It is still all pure speculation, as there has been no confirmation from the developers so let’s see what news comes our way in the given weeks.

Playable Perspectives

As of now, the only third-person mode is applicable to RoE. Unlike PUBG which switches between the third person and first person shooter for normal movement and shooting respectively.

This, however, is not a drawback for games like these. The third person gives you an idea of the surrounding even in corners and lets you evaluate the situation fully.

Since more information will be available to the player in this particular perspective, the FPS mode is not quite useful except for shooting when it is just a tad bit more accurate.

Some Useful Tips

  • If you want to avoid making any sound to never make your opponents aware of you, be sure to take off your shoes. This will make you much more silent on any type of surfaces including water bodies, metal ones and stone pavements.
  • You can bounce off grenades off of other players. This can be both advantageous and a problem depending on how you use it. Sometimes, grenade throws at tighter angles can be made easier with this technique. Also, your own bombs will go through you if they bounce off of a surface.
  • Un-equipping weapons while in the downed state is possible. This means that one of your friends can cover you up and provide support fire when you’re downed and you can continue to supply the ammo and weapons if they run out of them.

These are some Ring of Elysium Tips I wish I knew before jumping into the game. Have anything else that you would like to add to the guide, let us know in the comments section below!