What Is Pokemon Quest? Everything You Need To Know

Pokemon Quest just got released in a surprise announcement and it’s safe to say that it is quite different from the usual Pokemon titles. The game is based on collecting rare resources on the Island of Tumblecube.

It’s available for download on e-Switch and will be available for Android and iOS at the end of June 2018. In this article, we’ve discussed everything we currently know about the recently released Pokemon Quest.


Everything About Pokemon Quest for Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Quest is set in the world of Tumblecube Island where everything is of cubic nature including your Pokemon. In the game, you set out to collect rare resources through exploration and combat.

This is the new approach used by Game-Freak and is quite different from other Pokemon titles. However, as of now, the game only features the first generation of Pokemon:

In Pokemon Quest, players will be able to befriend a number of Pokemon in the world. You will send your Pokemon in a team of three to venture around the isles in quest of rare resources.

You will also be able to create a strong bond between the Pokemon if they are fighting in an adventure together. Moreover, a new feature of Base Camp has also been added to the game. You will manage and upgrade your Base Camp using things found in-game and PokeMart.

You can also do a lot of other things here to attract other Pokemon like cooking.

You will also able to customize your Base Camp like changing its appearance. While most of the customization items can be earned by simply playing the game, some customization options will be only available in the shop.

Throughout the world, you can find Power Stone. These Power Stones are important as they help you increase your stats. Higher the Pokemon Level, higher the number of Power Stones you will be able to equip. The Power Stones increase your stats in a variety of things like Strength, Speed, Attack, Defense, etc.

You can purchase these Power Stones in the store as well.

Pokemon battles are quite simple yet challenging at times. You tap on other Pocket Monsters in the area by tapping on them using the Nintendo Switch touchscreen pad.

Players can use different abilities available to them by taping on the ability icon. These abilities take time to recharge. The abilities are present on the bottom of the screen. Most of the game is pretty automated but at times, you are required to pause and direct things manually.

The game is free-to-play so you won’t be needing to spend any of your hard earned cash on it. However, there will be a few things available for purchase on the store. Here is a list of things you can buy:

  • Expedition Pack = $4.99
  • Great Expedition Pack = $9.99
  • Ultra Expedition Pack = 17.99
  • Broadburst Stone = $2.99 USD
  • Scattershot Stone = $2.99
  • Sharing Stone = $2.99
  • Stay Strong Stone = $2.99
  • Wait Less Stone = $2.99
  • Whack-Whack Stone = $2.99

This game will act as a filler between the big releases of Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Eevee. While the game is fun, it may be not as in-depth as other Pokemon titles – even the mobile game Pokemon Go got more content.

However, it will help to cover the gap created between games and give fans something to play while they wait for the next titles slated to release later this year. As for the mobile version of Pokemon Quest, they will be available on Android and iOS at the end of the June.

There is some news about players not finding the game on eShop by typing the full title. Those of you who are having an issue, just type Quest and the game will come in search results. The game is not too big so it will only take a bit to download and install.

Pokemon Quest was announced alongside Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Eevee. These games will be the successor to Pokemon Go so you can expect a lot of similar experience. The games are more focused towards consoles as the 2019 games will focus on handhelds.

While there isn’t a lot we know about Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Eevee, here are some of the features of the games:

  • The game will be singleplayer focused
  • You won’t be able to transfer Event Items
  • You will be able to exchange items between Go and Let’s Go halfway through the game
  • There will be many ways Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let’s Go will interface but there is still not explanation as of yet on how it will happen

This is so far everything we have in Pokemon Quest. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!