How To Download And Install Ring of Elysium In English

The latest Battle Royale game has been launched and has been gaining traction with audiences comparing the game to the likes of PUBG and H1Z1. Though how hot the new title may be, it has only launched in Thailand as of now and with that, there is a language barrier.

However, our How to Download Ring of Elysium Guide will help you install the entire game and have it translated to English so even you can enjoy the game like your Thai friends (if you have any).

Be aware though, the following process is both lengthy and complex, so if your it the DIY type of guy, go for it. Otherwise, we recommend waiting for the official English release sometime soon.

How to Download Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium is just very similar to your other Battle Royale games, boasting similar mechanics which include a circle closing around in on you, weapons in different places to be discovered and victory coming when you’re the last one standing.

One notable exception, however, is that the current servers only account for a maximum of 55 people playing at a given time unlike the player count on both PUBG and Fortnite.

This is understandable, as the game is rather new to the market and will expand as its community grows.

For those of you who would love to play it in the West as well, you need to follow some steps to translate the original copy into an English version.


Since the game is from Tencent, it will appear in the Garena app where all games from this Chinese publisher can be purchased. From here, download the Garena client first and then proceed to make an account there if you are a new user.

Log in to view a list of games that will only show up if they are available in your region. You can change this setting, however, by opening the General tab by clicking on the gear icon towards the top.

Here, change the set region to Thailand for Ring of Elysium to show up in the store. If you are still having issues with ROE not appearing, you will have to do it manually.

Right click on Garena app and go to Properties. Edit the line in the Target blank. Put a space and then type in -toggleapp 32838. If you are still facing issues, then use a VPN.

Now proceed to install the game and wait for the 5 GB download to finish. Now comes the next step of translating all in-game text to English.


To carry this process out, you will first need the Process Hacker software that you can get for your system by heading here.

It works as a task manager that gives a more detailed look at an application. Once you are finished with downloading both the game and this software, launch them.

In the Process Hacker window, look for the line which says ‘Europa_Client.exe’. You can search for this by pressing Alt+Tab.

Right click on this, open up Properties and copy everything from the Command line. Now simply copy this information onto a Notepad/.txt file on your Windows. Now close the game and begin editing the text file.

You need to add an additional line in the Notepad. Simply change the ‘language=th’ command to ‘language=EN’ and you have done the job.

Save your work as a .bat file and only launch the game using this file and not the .exe file that you used previously. Now you will have the game in English.

This is all we have in our How to Download Ring of Elysium Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!