Bungie Confirms That Destiny 2 Nightfall Exclusive Rewards Are Bugged

Recently we saw the release of 1.2.1 Update in Destiny 2 which brought a number of fixes and additions to the game but it looks like some still exist in the game as players are not receiving Nightfall Strike exclusive items.

You must be disappointed if you have been playing Destiny 2 to get a nightfall strike exclusive reward. It is known that Nightfall Strike exclusive items have a low drop rate in general but many Destiny 2 players have confirmed that it has been impossible to get an exclusive reward from Spire Nightfall and this week’s Tree of Probabilities.

Players were very annoyed and luckily the complaints made it to the developers who then took to Twitter telling that they are addressing the issue.

After some time, Bungie confirmed on Twitter admitting that Nightfall exclusive rewards are not currently dropping for Destiny 2 base and Curse of Osiris strikes.

Though, Bungie team did not reveal when the bug will be fixed which is really disappointing for the players who wanted to grind nightfall strike for DFA hand cannon.

So stay tuned as we will update you when we get more news regarding this issue by Bungie.

Other than that, the new 1.2.1 update brings various bug fixes and new content to the game.

Faction Rally is coming back which has been missing from Destiny 2 since late March and Strikes are getting some bonuses which are guaranteed to drop Escalation Protocol keys along with a drop of 360 gear 25% of the time.

All new feature, Crucible Labs is also coming which will be a part of experimental playlist before it goes live.

While you guys are having a hard time getting exclusive rewards in the game, a team has beaten Destiny 2 raid boss in just 7 seconds.

Are you still playing Destiny 2? Are you not able to get Nightfall Strike exclusive items? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gamerant