Avalanche Studios Acquired By Nordisk Film, What Will Happen To Rage 2?

Nordisk Film has recently announced that it will be acquiring all the shares and full ownership of, Avalanche Studios. Avalanche Studios as you would remember is the developer of Just Cause and Mad Max games. This acquisition if properly follows through will be Nordisk’s largest acquisition thus far. Among fans, a concern has emerged that what will happen to Rage 2?

That said, Nordisk will be taking over all the shares, Avalanche’s three studios, which even includes its new studio, that opened just last week in Malmo, Sweden. Furthermore taking control of 320 developers through a €89 million ($103 million) acquisition. Currently, Avalanche is valued at €117 million ($136 million), having said that Nordisk has been a minority shareholder in Avalanche for past one year, when it paid $10 million for a stake in the company.

Now the biggest concern of the fans, is that what does it mean for Rage 2? Since we all are aware that Avalanche Studios is working with American Publisher Bethesda Softworks on Rage 2, the concern has risen that will this acquisition create any complications in development of the game?

Well, we do have good news, no it will not create complications in the development of Rage 2 according to the chief executive of Avalanche studio, Pim Holfve, who said that the developer team will continue working on its current projects, but now it will be doing so with the financial backing of Nordisk Film.

Holfve said,

“We have had a fantastic year with Nordisk Film as part of Avalanche Studios. We’ve grown and matured at a pace which was previously not possible. Even though we’ll continue to operate as an independent studio, Nordisk Film will – with a century of experience from growing creative businesses – provide us with a more solid foundation. I could not be happier to have them onboard.”

So perhaps this just might prove to be rather better for the upcoming games like Rage 2, considering Nordisk Films are financially strong and will be back up Rage 2. On the other hand, we also have reservations that Nordic just might interrupt the development of Rage 2, only time will tell.

What are your thoughts regarding the development of Rage 2 under the provided circumstances? Let us know in the comments below.