ASUS H370 Mining Motherboard Revealed, Supports 20 GPUs And Brings Mining Specific Features

While the cryptocurrency mining craze has come to an end and GPUs prices have come down to their usuals MSRP. However, the cryptocurrency mining craze is expected to gain momentum in the second half of 2018 and seems like Asus is preparing for the future as Asus has introduced its new Asus H370 mining motherboard that supports 20 GPUs.

Seems like Asus has learned from its success with B350 Mining motherboard and with Asus H370 mining motherboard, Asus has simplified the entire experience by allowing users to use USB riser cables that connect directly onto the motherboard.

With this, you will be able to run 20 GPUs at the same time without any headache of managing a lot of cables.

Not only that, Asus has also introduced mining specific features to the H370 mining motherboard and one of them is detecting GPU state before the motherboard boots up. Asus plans to roll out its Asus H370 mining motherboard in Q3 2018.

Speaking of cryptocurency mining, Sony Interactive Entertainment has filed a patent for DRM for PS4 games that uses cryptocurrency blockchain technology.

The reason why blockchain tech can be efficient as a DRM is that it provides proof of ownership for any digital asset.

The digital asset is basically attached to an individual who has an encrypted key to access it which will make it much more secure than traditional DRM such as Denuvo. Sony even agrees that current DRMs are not reliable enough.

Furthermore, AMD has noted that 2nd hand mining GPUs are not a significant risk for the company. This is according to AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, who noted that the people who are buying GPUS are not buying them specifically for mining purposes.

She added that users are purchasing them for multiple use cases and that is why she believes that there won’t that much second-hand mining GPUs in the market as expected.

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Source: Asus