We’ll Be Seeing Italian Soccer League Serie A In FIFA 19

A recent article in the Italian publication Gazzetta della Sport has said that we’ll be seeing Serie A in FIFA 19. Serie A is one of the top soccer brands in the country, making it a vital addition to the FIFA franchise. The brand sold its rights to EA to be in the game.

There’s a large number of different leagues and football clubs in every FIFA game, fitting since it’s one of the biggest soccer games in the whole world, even if it experiences more success in Europe (where soccer is much more popular) than anywhere else.

With all of the different football clubs alongside Serie A in FIFA 19, such as Manchester United, Arsenal, Belorussia Dortumund, Real Madrid, and more, it’s no surprise that EA has acquired the rights to put yet another big football league in the FIFA series. Even its biggest competition, Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer game, doesn’t have the same amount of clubs, teams, and leagues that FIFA has.

As another point in EA’s favor, two other European soccer leagues, the Europa League and the Champion’s League, recently had their agreement with Konami expire, meaning that they will no longer be appearing in the Pro Evolution Soccer games and will be coming to FIFA 19 as well.

FIFA 19 will be a big continuation of the last two FIFA games, including a new version of FIFA Ultimate Team and a third season of The Journey. The Journey will see FIFA soccer player Alex Hunter continuing his journey to become the best soccer player in the world, while Ultimate Team will allow you to create your own football club and take them to the top of the world.

There’s no specific release date for FIFA 19 yet, but we’ll likely have it sometime this year, possibly around November, and it will likely be available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, along with the Nintendo Switch, which got a FIFA 18 port.