We Might See New Cuphead Content At E3 2018

Cuphead has been on the market for some time as one of the most successful titles on the Xbox One and PC platform after staying in development for years. Cuphead has made an appearance at many E3 conventions before and it looks like something new will be revealed at E3 this year.

We know more content is on the way as much has been talked about the game and after the presentation of Xbox One X last November, where Maja Moldenhauer’s said that Cuphead will have new content soon. After which the company Funko pop ensured that during the next E3 2018 a new exclusive Cuphead-themed T-shirt will be presented exclusively for the game.

We don’t know how the shirt looks right now so we will have to wait till E3 to try it on and feel as good as a Cuphead.

As said by HardcoreGamer, the shirt has something which was referred to as a top secret during Funko’s podcast. Which also tells us that the shirt might contain a spoiler for the upcoming content which can be new characters, bosses or levels.

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game which is heavily based on the boss battles inspired by 1930s cartoons and it is not easy. Some people find it fun to play and some find it very hard and frustrating.

Only 7% of players have completed Cuphead on Xbox One and we recently did a breakdown of achievements to know how much tough the game is.

Cuphead is harder than an average game you will ever play, there are a variety of different bosses in the game which can be so tiring that you will give up. You’ll have to grind a lot and some moves in the games are unavoidable which are enough for someone to give up on the game.

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Source: HardcoreGamer