Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles Guide – How To Use, Tips And Tricks, Best Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifles pretty much make or break every single FPS game, and Ring of Elysium is no different. The prospect of a one shot one kill or dealing massive damage if your aim is good enough is always exciting and this Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles Guide will help you chase that thrill.

Our Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles Guide will give you information on all of the sniper rifles in the game so that you can make an informed decision on which one of them suits your style of play best.

Best Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles

The Sniper Rifles are best for shooting at any distance more than 100 meters. A headshot with a sniper rifle will always net in a 1 shot, 1 kill regardless of the armor that the enemy has.

However, hitting people at long distances will be fairly difficult since there is massive bullet drop due to the weight of the bullets that are in the gun.

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The best sniper rifle in the game is by far the Mosin Nagant. One of the reasons for this is the fact that the gun already has a 4x scope built into it. The bullet drop at 100 meters is 0.

This will be no surprise as the guns usually have a scope which adjusts for any bullet drop at that distance. However, the Mosin also has a 0 bullet drop at 300 meters. This means that you can use the Mosin as you would a Call of Duty sniper rifle at distances up to 300 meters.

This makes it incredibly easy to aim at targets and get that coveted headshot. Remember that the bullet speed is 300 meters per second so you need to lead the target if it is a little farther away.

The Remington 700 or R700 for short is also a good sniper rifle. It does not have a scope so you will need to find one for it, but it does more damage to the body of the target and the same amount of damage to the head as the Mosin does.

This means that you will almost certainly kill the target with 2 body shots. The bullet drop is 0 at up to distances of 250 meters and the speed of the bullet is 300 meters per second.

The G28 is not recommended, but it can work. You need to find a scope for it but it has the least amount of damage. However, the fact that it is semi-automatic and has 0 bullet drop at 150 meters so you can use this rifle at close range quite effectively.

That is all we have for our Ring of Elysium Sniper Rifles Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!