Ring of Elysium Clothes Guide – Unlock New Clothing Items, Outfits

In this Ring of Elysium Clothes Guide, we will guide you on how you can unlock new clothes for your character in Ring of Elysium. Character Customization is a fun part of every Battle Royale game and Ring of Elysium comes with its own character customization options.

You can change the clothes of your character in the game, which allows you to show off your sense of style to the community.

Ring of Elysium is the newest Battle Royale game to join this genre which is gaining momentum with every passing day. With major developers such as Treyarch and Rockstar Games planning to introduce this mode in their games, many titles are already in the market.

Ring of Elysium is one such as Battle Royale and it has all the features which other Battle Royale games come with and one of them is the character customization.

Ring of Elysium Clothes

These clothes can be unlocked in the game allowing you to customize the look of your character.

We have curated this Ring of Elysium Clothes Guide for you in which we have detailed how you can easily unlock clothes for your character in Ring of Elysium.

Just like any other Battle Royale game, Ring of Elysium comes with its own in-game currency simply called Credits. Each time you complete a match, you will earn Credits. The number of Credits depends on how well you performed in the match.

Placing higher and eliminating more enemies will increase the number of Credits that you earn after each match. Traveling more distance also increased your match end Credits. These Credits are then later used to purchase in-game crates.

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From these crates, you will unlock new equipment and clothes for your character. To purchase a crate, you can head to the rewards section of the game and purchase a crate.

The first crate is only 500 Credits but each subsequent crate is going to cost you more Credits. For example, the second crate will cost you 1,000 Credits to purchase and so on.

Once you have purchased a crate, it will be added to your vault. To reveal the contents of your crate, head to the vault and click on the crate to open it up. This will reveal your reward that you earned from the crate.

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Simply equip it from the appearance section of the game. Using this method, you can steadily unlock different clothes in the game.

There are two types of unlocks in Ring of Elysium. There are permanent unlocks and then there are timed unlocks. Timed unlocks can only be equipped for the allowed time which could range from a couple of days to a full month.

Permanent unlocks are for yours to keep forever. Once the time has expired for the timed unlocks, they will be removed from your inventory and you will need to spend more Credits to get them again.

At this point, there is not much to customize. You can change only the clothes and other equipment once you have created a character. Hopefully, in the future, the game will allow you to customize the character to its full extent.

This concludes our Ring of Elysium Clothes Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!